Our Products

A selection of the products grown here at Gore Hall Farm

Iceberg Lettuce

A pale, round tightly packed lettuce which has crisp leaves with a refreshing flavour.
A classic, versatile value for money lettuce.

Little Gem

A baby lettuce with a crisp and lovely flavour. Normally sold in a twin pack. It is a crunchy lettuce that stays fresh.

Romaine Lettuce

Cos or Romaine lettuce as they are also known have a long oval head of tightly packed crisp leaves. They are the traditional base for Caesar salads.

Celery Crop

With great flavour and crunch it’s easy to prepare as a raw ingredient in salads and good cooked and served as a vegetable or as a flavour enhancer.

Flat Lettuce

The traditional “British Lettuce” the round lettuce has soft mid-green outer leaves and a sweeter tastier heart. We grow it all year around in our computer controlled glasshouses.

Cropping Calendar


The table opposite shows our main cropping dates.

Due to our long established contacts in Spain we are able to import quality produce outside the UK growing season